Nurs 6053 Week 6 Assignment

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Be sure to refer to the student’s Cliffton Strengthfinders results attached to this email
Be sure to use the sources attached to this email in PDF format as your references.
Reflect on the classmate’s feedback to incorporate it in the assignment. (Colleagues feedback are included in the instruction file)


Nurse 6053 Week 6 Assignment

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Nurse 6053 Week 6 Assignment

Personal Leadership Philosophies

A leader’s approach is founded on their set of guiding principles. Leaders are accountable for the company as a whole. Thus, they must always strive to better themselves while also encouraging, guiding, mentoring, and instructing those working for them (Broome & Marshall, 2021). A leader’s capacity to gain the respect and support of those who follow depends on their authenticity, objectivity, and receptiveness to suggestions and criticisms.

Core Values

Authenticity and honesty strike me as the two cornerstones of any thriving business. They enable leaders to remain accountable for their actions and choices. Leaders must be impartial when assessing their successes and failures (Bowles et al., 2019). The desire to reach goals and collaborate toward a common purpose can be reflected in a person’s mission and vision statement, which can then be communicated to and supported by subordinates (Ingwell-Spolan, 2018).

Personal Mission Statement

A nurse manager’s primary responsibility is to ensure that professional and legal requirements give all patients care. As a leader, it is my job to encourage my team members to put the group’s needs ahead of their own. As a leader in the nursing profession, it is my goal to improve the health of my community as a whole. I will treat them with kindness and understanding no matter where they come from or what they believe. To comfort myself, I try to remember that our diversity makes us strong and capable.

Analysis of Clifton Strengths Assessment results

By taking the Clifton Strengths Assessment, I gained insight into my Signature Themes, which are innate characteristics with the potential to be developed into strengths and are crucial to my professional success. I am very determined, and whatever I set my mind to, I will finish. These are the methods I use to handle adult responsibilities: my team members are determined, too, and we do not tolerate laziness. I may only be a student, but

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