NURS 6053 Week 1 Discussion

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Review of Current Health Issues


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The issue of Technology disruption is well known nationally and even globally. Healthcare providers have seen dramatic changes due to disruptive technology in healthcare. The caregivers have adopted electronic health records, making it easy for their patients to view their progress records through online portals. This is made possible by the use of smartphones by changing the way document are taken care of, accessed, and delivered. According to Sapci & Sapci (2019), two major processes facilitate technological disruption in healthcare. The first is decentralization, which shifts care from hospitals to clinics and patients’ residents. A good example of this is telemedicine. The second process is the transfer of skills. This is when the skills are transferred from highly trained, expensive personnel to more accessible providers, including care given via technology. However, technology has drawbacks that are mainly associated with unintended consequences that challenge the use of ICTs by health professionals when technology-based work is in the process.

This national health issue affects the setting of my health work in various ways. For example, due to the availability of electronic health records, all data information is centralized, leading to overdependence. Healthcare delivery has increasingly become dependent on technology to computerize nearly all the aspects of patients’ healthcare. Due to overdependence, system downtime can create chaos when the backup systems are insufficient (Sheppard, 2020). Healthcare workers might have

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