Nurs 6053 Assignment_Personal Leadership Philosophies

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Personal Leadership Philosophy




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Personal Leadership Philosophy

My core values, Mission and Vision Statements.

My leadership philosophy is rooted in integrity, collaboration, innovation, resilience, and service. I believe in leading with integrity, which means I am honest and transparent in all my dealings. My mission is to create an environment of trust, mutual respect, and collaboration. I strive to foster collaboration among my team, as collective success can only be achieved through working together (Mugira, 2022). I envision a workplace that is open to new ideas and solutions and values collaboration and innovation to help the organization and community succeed. Resilience is also important, as it is essential to persevere despite adversity. I strive to be a dependable leader who exemplifies problem-solving and conflict-resolution skills and to be remembered as reliable and always there to lend a helping hand (Rudolph et al., 2020).

My goal is to ensure that my employees feel comfortable coming to me with any issues and that I can carefully and considerately handle those issues. I also want to be a leader who can manage conflicts and disagreements constructively (Mugira, 2022). Finally, I believe in service; I am committed to serving my organization and community in whatever capacity. I strive to create a culture of accountability and excellence, where everyone is held to the same high standards and responsible for their actions (Rath, 2007). I inspire my team to take ownership of their work and strive for continued growth and improvement. By embodying these characteristics, I strive to create a culture of success and excellence that will benefit my organization and the community.

Analysis of my CliftonStrengths

The results of my CliftonStrengths Assessment show that my top five themes are Harmony, Discipline, Includer, Focus, and Futuristic. Harmony means I am skilled in finding common ground and building relationships with different people. Discipline shows that I can stay on top of tasks and stay organized. Includer indicates that I can create a sense of

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