Nurs 6052 Week 1 Discussion

3 Scholarly Sources with DOI/ Permanent Link
Also, be sure to include the link for the name and link of the healthcare organization website you reviewed.
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Discussion: Evidence-Based Practice


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To complete my discussion task, I reviewed Vanguard Healthcare Services, LLC healthcare organization. Vanguard Healthcare Services, LLC has a website that can be located through the following link; This healthcare organization runs skilled-nursing facilities distributed in four states; Florida, Tennessee, Mississippi, and West Virginia. The website highlights the kind of services offered in this healthcare organization. Among many services, they include physical therapy, infection control, occupational therapy, wound care, Restorative nursing care, speech therapy, and pain management.

Reviewing the website helped me identify areas where Vanguard Healthcare Services, LLC has adopted evidence-based practice in its health care delivery. By definition, EBP is

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