NURS 6052 Module 5 Discussion

  1. Postat least two dissemination strategies you would be most inclined to use and explain why.
  2. Explain which dissemination strategies you would be least inclined to use and explain why.
  3. Identify at least two barriers you might encounter when using the dissemination strategies you are most inclined to use. Be specific and provide examples.
  4. Explain how you might overcome the barriers you identified.


Required Readings

  • Melnyk, B. M., & Fineout-Overholt, E. (2018). Evidence-based practice in nursing & healthcare: A guide to best practice (4th ed.). Philadelphia, PA: Wolters Kluwer.
    • Chapter 10, “The Role of Outcomes on Evidence-based Quality Improvement and enhancing and Evaluating Practice Changes” (pp. 293–312)
    • Chapter 12, “Leadership Strategies for Creating and Sustaining Evidence-based Practice Organizations” (pp. 328–343)
    • Chapter 14, “Models to Guide Implementation and Sustainability of Evidence-based Practice” (pp. 378–427)


Dissemination Strategies are Most Inclined to Use

Word of mouth and social media are the most inclined strategies to be used when disseminating information regarding the utilization of evidence-based research. By spreading the information through these platforms, the research can easily penetrate clinical practices and bring about a positive outcome for patients. Through word of mouth, the presenter will be able to give the audience a clear view of the available information and answer any questions they may have. Social media also plays an important role in disseminating the research and gives the opportunity for the presenter to post handouts that may not have been included in the poster presentation (Gallagher-ford et al., 2011). Therefore, using word of mouth and social media will help to support the evidence and increase the excitement of the audience for the new practice being developed.

The two most common methods for sharing evidence-based information in the hospital setting are word-of-mouth and social media. The nurse manager can impart the knowledge orally during shift changes and encourage the team to talk about it. This allows for a more natural and personal exchange of ideas, allowing for a more meaningful understanding and implementation of the changes taking place. Social media can also be used to get the word out and get the team talking in a productive way. By posting the information on

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