NR 501 _ Discussion week 2

This week I would like for you to share an experience or situation in which you felt underprepared or challenged. The situation could be your first full code on a patient or visitor, a precipitous delivery, a patient dying, or many other situations in which you just did not feel like you had enough information or knowledge related to handling the situation. Afterward, you probably went over the scenario with others or in your mind with thoughts of what should I have done differently, what nuggets of wisdom can I add to my ever-growing knowledge and wisdom, etc. Please share one of these experiences with us and tell us what you learned from the situation as you self-reflect. How did this experience help you with other situations in your nursing career?

IMPORTANT NOTE: Your instructor will be monitoring the Collaboration Café but not participating as this is your opportunity to give and receive feedback from your peers. The Collaboration Café is graded this week (50 points). There are no scholarly references required in this discussion format. Please see the guidelines and grading rubric below.


Since my care started as a licensed practical nurse (LPN), I was tasked with applying my extended training in various nursing roles and individual care objectives. As a licensed practical nurse, one must own strong communication skills to connect with patients, pay attention to their concerns, solve arising issues, portray coherence, and pay close attention to care. My roles as a licensed practical nurse in a caring home included admitting patients, helping physicians during rounds of individuals’ rooms, allocating and delegating obligations to non-licensed nursing staff, observing patient care, conducting ongoing evaluations of individual’s physical and mental health, and demonstrating treatment obligations and approaches to patients (Garner and Boese, 2017). As I was busy conducting my usual roles at the caring home, one of the patients developed respiratory distress exhibited by trouble breathing, pale skin, nose flaring, wheezing, and profuse sweating, indicating he was almost dying. Though I had undergone

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