HCP Week 4 Assignment _

HCP Week 4 Assignment _


HCP Week 4 Assignment


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Hello, my name is {Insert Name}. This section will present my identified healthcare policy issue as a nurse practitioner. The presentation is titled, Addressing Food Deserts in New Jersey: A Proposed Solution. People in food deserts need easy access to healthy food that is also cheap. This public health issue affects more than 1.3 million people in New Jersey, especially those from low-income and minority communities. Food deserts can lead to obesity, bad eating habits, and other health problems related to food. As a nurse practitioner, this is an important healthcare policy issue that must be fixed immediately.

Food deserts are a problem in New Jersey, hurting low-income and minority communities the most. These places sometimes have easy access to fresh, healthy food, which can cause long-term health problems, higher healthcare costs, and differences in health. Also, food deserts negatively affect the community’s economy and social life.

To solve this problem, money should be given to groups that set up and care for community gardens and farmer’s markets in low-income areas. Community gardens and farmer’s markets give people access to fresh, healthy food at affordable prices. They also bring people

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