D030 Task 1

Course: Leadership and Management in Complex Healthcare Systems

Welcome to the Clinical Practice Experience (CPE) for this course. The CPE for the Master of Science in Nursing program core courses consist of a variety of semi-structured activities. By completing all the activities and evidence listed within this document, and earning a grade of “Competent,” you will earn 35 indirect CPE hours for this course.


CPE Objectives:

In this CPE you will explore the role of the nurse executive by interviewing and spending time with a nurse executive in any healthcare setting. During this time, you will identify the education, experience, and skills required to perform this role successfully. For the purpose of this CPE, a nurse executive is defined as a nurse who focuses on various aspects of healthcare administration.

In this CPE, you will experience the role of a graduate degree prepared nurse in three phases:


  • Phase 1: You will create a guide to prepare for an interview with a nurse executive.
  • Phase 2: You will interview a nurse executive, evaluate your interviewing performance, and examine lessons learned during the interview.
  • Phase 3: You will synthesize the interview experience through an executive summary of key points on the characteristics, competencies, primary responsibilities (budgeting, project management, etc.), education, experience, and skills required for the role of a nurse executive.


Student Instructions:


As you are completing this CPE, you will be working though the materials in the course of study that will assist you with each phase. The course of study has a check point for each phase of the CPE to be completed.

Complete and date the required activities.

  • Type in your name and date at the top of this form.
  • Type in the name of your faculty of record for this course (your assigned course instructor).
  • Submit the completed CPE Record as a separate Word document or PDF when you submit your
    e-portfolio PDF containing the required deliverables for evaluation.



Check Box When Completed CPE Activity Date Activity Completed
 1a.X ·         Review all the activity and evidence requirements for this CPE, including Phase 1, Phase 2, and Phase 3.

·         Break down each activity from each phase into strategic tasks and specific due dates to meet the activity deadlines.

·         Create a three column CPE Schedule Table in your e-portfolio that lists your tasks, due dates, and estimated time needed to complete each activity.

Deliverables Date Completed Estimated Time
1a. CPE Schedule Table 8/3/23 30 minutes
1b. Sources Table 8/3/23 2 hours
1c. Interview Guide 8/3/23 1 hour 30 minutes
1d. Three (3) screenshots from your GoReact activities 8/4/23 1 hour
1e. Written Reflection Summary of your Phase 1 experience 8/4/23 1 hour 30 minutes
2a.  Interview Summary 8/5/23 2 hours
2b.  Interview Self-Assessment 8/5/23 2 hours
2c.  Observation Reflection 8/6/23 2 hours 30 minutes
2d. Three (3) screenshots from your GoReact activities 8/6/23 1 hour
2e. Written Reflection Summary of your Phase 2 experience 8/6/23 2 hours 30 minutes
3a.  Executive Summary 8/7/23 2 hours
3b. Three (3) screenshots from your GoReact activities 8/7/23 1 hour
3c. Written Reflection Summary of your Phase 3 experience 8/7/23 3 hours

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