NURS 6051 Week 11 Assignment


As a professional nurse, you are expected to apply your expertise to patient care. On occasion, you will also be expected to share that expertise.

With evolving technology and continuous changes to regulations designed to keep up these changes, there is usually a need to share information and expertise to inform colleagues, leadership, patients, and other stakeholders.

In this Assignment, you will study a recent nursing informatics-related healthcare policy, and you will share the relevant details via a fact sheet designed to inform and educate.


Be sure to review the Learning Resources before completing this activity.
Click the weekly resources link to access the resources.


To Prepare:

  • Review the Resources on healthcare policy and regulatory/legislative topics related to health and nursing informatics.
  • Consider the role of the nurse informaticist in relation to a healthcare organization’s compliance with various policies and regulations, such as the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act (MACRA).
  • Research and select one health or nursing informatics policy (within the past 5 years) or regulation for further study.

The Assignment: (1 page not including the title and reference page)

Create a 1-page fact sheet that your healthcare organization could hypothetically use to explain the health or nursing informatics policy/regulation you selected. Your fact sheet should address the following:

  • Briefly and generally explain the policy or regulation you selected.
  • Address the impact of the policy or regulation you selected on system implementation.
  • Address the impact of the policy or regulation you selected on clinical care, patient/provider interactions, and workflow.
  • Highlight organizational policies and procedures that are/will be in place at your healthcare organization to address the policy or regulation you selected. Be specific.
  • Use APA format and include a title page, in-text citations, and reference page.
  • Use the Safe Assign Drafts to check your match percentage before submitting your work.



The Interoperability and Patient Access final rule (CMS-9115-F)

The CMS Interoperability and Patient Access Final Rule was established in 2020 to promote the free flow of healthcare information (Gordon et al., 2021). This rule requires healthcare providers to make patient health data available to third-party applications like Apple Health and Microsoft HealthVault (Gordon et al., 2021). It also requires providers to adopt standardized application programming interfaces (APIs) and data formats to ensure seamless data exchange. This rule improves patient care by enabling providers to manage better and track patient data.

The Impact of the Policy on System Implementation.

The CMS Interoperability and Patient Access Final Rule significantly impacts system implementation since providers must adopt standardized APIs and data formats to ensure seamless data exchange (Gordon et al., 2021). This requires healthcare providers to invest in

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