NR 447 Week 4 Part 2

Week 4 Assignment: Direct Care Project Part 2: Planning the Presentation


The purpose of this assignment is for learners to create a presentation for the selected targeted population about the specific clinical certification including how it could impact patient outcomes and leadership.

Direct Care Project Overview
  1. There are four parts to the Direct Care Project.
  2. There will be graded Project Check-ins that correlate to each part.
  3. The topic selected in Part 1 will be the same one used in Parts 2 through 4.
  4. Review the table below for overview and due dates with each topic.
  5. Carefully review the instructions, templates, tutorials, and rubrics for each part.
  6. Contact your instructor with questions.


Problem Statement

  • Knowledge deficit r/t CNOR
  • Certification amongĀ critical care registered nurses
  • Manifested by wrong medication administration

Problem Description

  • Advocate for adequate performance in ER and ICU
  • Monitor patient assessment and care decisions
  • Facilitates knowledge in maintaining life support gadgets
  • Crucial in ensuring essential communication
  • Examination failure and fear
  • Lack of resources and firm recognition

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