DO29 ARM1 Task 1- Population Health Data Brief

The county of reference is Butler, Ohio

Attached include the file with the instructions
– A sample completed by another student
– A template that you will use
– Guides for Presenting Data Using Data Visualization and Descriptive Statistics

Informatics for Transforming Nursing Care

  2. Key Findings
  • Butler County in Ohio has a score of 49 for access to healthcare.
  • The population with no access to healthcare insurance in the County is 7.7%
  • The smoking rate in Butler County is 21.8% which is above the national average of 20.0%.
  • Life expectancy in Butler County, Ohio, is 76.7 years.
  • The overall equity score in Butler County is 45.
  • The racial disparity in accessing education is 0.11
  • Butler County’s premature death disparity index score is 0.0035.
  • The overall education score of the community in Butler County, Ohio, is 63

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