Nurs 6053 Week 7 Discussion



Incivility in the Workplace

In my organization, communication at all levels is transparent, direct, and respectful. It is somewhat true that employees are viewed as assets and valued partners within the firm, and there is a high level of satisfaction, engagement, and morale. They apply practical conflict-resolution skills and address disagreements respectfully and responsibly (Clark, 2015). Besides, it is somewhat true that the firm emphasizes employee wellness and self-care, celebrates individual and collective achievements, and is neutral in that it distributes a reasonable, manageable, and fair workload.

Civil or Incivil

Based on the outcomes, my organization is moderately civil since the overall civility score ranges from 86 points. My workplace is civil; for instance, it is somewhat true that most employees would recommend the organization as a good or excellent place to work to their family and friends. It is also neutral in encouraging the free expression of diverse and opposing ideas and perspectives. There is indeed a comprehensive mentoring program for all employees, and neutral that the organizational culture is evaluated on an ongoing basis, and measures are established to improve it based on the outcomes. Moreover, it is somewhat true that there are sufficient opportunities for promotion and career advancement.

An Experience with Incivility 

As I was conducting my daily duties as an emergency room nurse in an ICU, I experienced incivility from my senior nurse instructor. He was assigned to equip me with the necessary assessment skills. As a result of working long hours, I felt so exhausted that I requested some time to take some water. But in his response, he made some vulgar remarks, clicking his mouth and eye-rolling, and denied me permission. This reduced my morale and pushed me to handle tasks sluggardly, resulting in mockery from other employees. I experienced anxiety, reduced self-confidence, loneliness, and even cried. My mental well-being was affected, leading to difficulties while handling tasks due to

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