NURS-6051 Week 1 Discussion

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NURS-6051 Week 1 Discussion


In nursing, we aim to provide care that meets our patient’s needs. Efficient Healthcare delivery is accurate and progressive. To ensure efficiency in healthcare, we must arm our providers with technology and information that will allow them to complete tasks proficiently and communicate vital information with the click of a mouse. The main goal of nurse informatics is the progressive integration of technology and information in healthcare delivery to improve communication between providers and patients (Deckro et al., 2021). Electronic medical records have created a centralized portal for all providers to access their patient’s medical records. Before the inception of electronic medical records, providers would have to rely on information provided by a patient that was often incomplete and inaccurate. In addition, when patients visited various urgent care centers, doctors, or emergency rooms, the transparency of information in EMR could have prevented vital mistakes.

With the use of electronic medical records, providers can access accurate information such as allergies profiles, medication dosages, prior procedures, and immunizations of patients. It has helped to enhance interdepartmental participation and communication between nurses and providers. Electronic medical records have applications

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