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Over recent years, the issue of workplace incivility has increased significantly, especially in healthcare settings. The consequences of workplace incivility have raised the medical practitioners’ attention and among policymakers across the healthcare industry (Bambi et al., 2018). As a result, there is a need to create an ethical environment that promotes civility. Arguably, Incivility affects the healthcare providers’ productivity, affecting the quality of patient outcomes. For this reason, healthcare leaders ought to adopt effective and sustainable interventions to address the issue of Incivility. This paper will focus on understanding the concept of Incivility and its implications on nursing practice and propose the key strategies to cultivate a healthful environment.

Define and explain the issue of Incivility. Use scholarly nursing literature.

Andersson, Pearson (1999) first recognized the concept of workplace incivility as a low-intensity deviant behavior that violates the expectations of mutual respect in the workplace and has a vague intention to harm the target. Typically, harsh and discourteous, uncivil behavior shows a lack of consideration for others. Alquwez (2020) defined Incivility as a behavior that is disrespectful of other people, unable to pay close attention to another person’s point of view, and unappreciative of or unwilling to acknowledge another person’s good work. These definitions are

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