CN4003: Staffing Plan

Module 1 Pre-Assessment


Module Pre-Assessments are your opportunity to practice applying module content before the final submission of your Competency Assessment.

Your final Competency Assessment is a series of computations to determine FTEs and salary costs. Therefore, it is advised that you complete the calculations for the pre-assessment submission as well. Consider what would be most helpful for you.

For your Module 1 Pre-Assessment, respond to the following prompts. These prompts match those in your final Assessment. Be sure to support your responses with evidence from scholarly literature.


As the manager, you have been asked to provide an RN staffing plan for a 40-bed in-patient nursing unit with an Average Daily Census of 40. The proposed staffing ratio is 1:6 (1 nurse for each 6 patients per shift).

Using the Nursing Hours Per Patient Day (NHPPD) methodology, calculate the number of FTEs needed to staff the unit for a 14-day pay period.

Use the information in the Welch and Smith (2020) article to assist with your analysis.

  1. Convert Nurse Patient Ratio to NHPPD.
  2. Determine the nursing unit annual volume inpatient days.
  3. Determine total NHPPD for the previous year.
  4. Determine the number of FTEs needed to staff the unit.
  5. Explain why the unit uses a particular staffing ratio and how that ratio is determined.
  6. Explain whether other units in the same facility would have the same staffing ratio or different staffing ratios. Justify your response.

Once you submit your response, use the rubric to ensure that you have met all requirements and are satisfied with your submission.


Staffing Plan


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  Staffing Plan

You have been requested to give a Registered Nurse staffing plan as the manager. It has a 40-bed inpatient nursing unit with an ADC of 40. The anticipated staffing ratio is 1:6 i.e. 1 nurse for every 6 patients in one shift.

Using NHPPD methodology, compute the quantity of FTEs required to staff the department for a pay period of 14 days.

  1. Convert Nurse Patient Ratio to NHPPD.

NPR to NHPPD= 24hrs per day ÷ NPR

24÷6= 4 NHPPD.

Therefore, there are four productive hours that registered nurses work directly in-patient care in each unit per month.

  1. Determine the nursing unit’s annual volume of inpatient days.

Annual inpatient days = ADC × days per year.

40×365=14,600 days

Therefore, there are 14,600 days that the facility offers inpatient services in a span of 12-month period.

  1. Determine total NHPPD for the previous year.

Total NHPPD = NHPPD × Annual inpatient days.


So, there are 58,400 total productive hours of registered nurses annually.



  1. Determine the number of FTEs needed to staff the unit.

FTE = scheduled hours for employees ÷

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