NURS FPX 4060 Assessment 4

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Welcome to the presentation on health promotion plan for Sudden Infant Death (SID) prevention.

Health promotion can help reduce SID by educating and empowering parents and caregivers on safe sleep practices and providing access to health care and social support.

The presentation will describe a hypothetical scenario of a face-to-face educational session with a group of parents of infants who are at high risk of SID.

Additionally, the presentation will assess the session’s outcomes, the achievement of  agreed-upon health goals, and the degree to which the goals and leading health indicators of Healthy People 2030 are aligned.

Health Promotion Plan
The plan consists of four components: information, motivation, skills, and support.

The information component provides accurate and relevant facts about SID and its prevention.

The motivation component enhances the parents’ awareness of the benefits and barriers of safe sleep practices, and encourages them to set goals and monitor their progress (Ellis et al., 2022).

The skills part teaches parents how to deal with obstacles and challenges as well as how to provide a safe sleep setting for their infants.

The support component links the parents to health care and social services, and facilitates peer support and networking.



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