Nurs FPX 4040 Assessment 4

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Hello, everyone. My name is Samantha, and I am a member of the quality improvement council at this healthcare facility. Through this presentation, I want to orient you to the training on the significance of nursing-sensitive quality indicators. As a nursing home, the focus is on providing quality and safe patient care during the medication administration. Therefore, as part of training to understand the importance of nurse-sensitive quality issues, this audio presentation will help you understand how to collect information that is vital for evaluating quality and safety issues within a healthcare facility, know your roles in achieving quality reporting regarding these indicators, and how you can facilitate achievement of high-quality patient outcomes. As new hires, there will be much to learn. Thus, take this as a starting point and ask any questions or concerns once the presentation is done.

 Defining the NDNQI

The National Database of Nursing-Sensitive Quality Indicators, often referred to as NDNQI, is a database that measures the quality of nursing care (Coto et al., 2020). The measures are usually based on comparison where outcomes from nursing practice, evaluated by assessing nursing-sensitive quality indicators from healthcare organizations within a particular geographical region, are compared. In this regard, the NDNQI acts as a framework for comparing safety levels and quality improvement outcomes in various healthcare facilities. Overly, the objective of NDNQI remains ensuring that nursing practice maintains high levels of quality and safety. Therefore, it gives nurses evidence-based data pointing towards activities that can raise nursing care quality in hospitals based on the initial assessment of underlying quality indicators. Ideally, this means that NDNQI helps evaluate nursing-sensitive quality indicators and then uses the results to develop evidence-based statistics and data points for improving quality at a hospital. After that, quality improvements are compared with those from other healthcare facilities within the same region.

Understanding Nursing Sensitive Quality Indicators

The focus of NDNQI is on Nursing Sensitive Quality Indicators (NSQIs). Therefore, we must understand NSQIs before evaluating their significance in patient care


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