NURS FPX 4020 Assessment 4_Improvement Plan Tool Kit

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Improvement Plan Toolkit

The improvement plan toolkit was created to aid organizations, healthcare workers, and patients in following evidence-based practice guidelines to help lower the frequency of medication errors. The toolkit has been organized into four categories. Each category contains three annotated sources on the topic. The first section discusses general organizational patient safety standards for quality. The second looks at analyzing the underlying causes and factors related to errors in medicinal administration. The third outlines approaches and best practices that are evidence-based and proven to decrease medication errors, and the fourth looks at technology’s role interventions in reducing the occurrence of medication mistakes. Overall, the toolkit provides a structured way and research-supported resources to curb the rate of medication errors through four categorized areas that also include relevant source annotations on each subject.

General Organizational Safety for Quality Best Practices

Puri, I., & Tadi, P. (2022, September 19). Quality Improvement. PubMed; StatPearls Publishing.

Enhancing the patient care experience and quality of care delivered necessitates healthcare facilities implementing principles and tactics linked to quality improvement. One of the most prevalent quality improvement (QI) frameworks is the Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) cycle. The PDSA cycle supports the continual refinement of workflows and services. It involves all staff in the change process, potentially making alterations more agreeable. PDSA represents iterative progress testing, evaluating, and repeating a modification until it fulfills the aim. This source delves deeper into prospective barriers to employing PDSA, such as insufficient staffing, deficient training, and communication gaps. However, it identifies solutions such as designating a facilitator to lead the efforts, providing incentives when personnel meet objectives, and reinforcing communication to cultivate a culture emphasizing quality improvement, development, recognition, and enthusiasm for change. Proper employment of PDSA can enhance patient care quality and experience over time.


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