NURS FPX 4020 Assessment 3 _Improvement Plan In-Service Presentation

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Improvement Plan In-Service Presentation

The in-service is critical to informing nurses on medication error impacts and strategies to address them. This presents an improvement plan through in-service to boost safety. Nurses critically apply strategies and plan to cut errors, making this essential by giving professionals insight needed.

The in-service aims to give nurses new knowledge and abilities to stop medication mistakes. The session is a chance to connect experienced and new staff to share data and address present care safety issues. Research shows that in-services help nurses by informing them about changing evidence and methods (Majid et al., 2021). Therefore, this session importantly provides practice suggestions and evidence about medication errors. The session aims to enhance learning and collaboration to improve patient safety.

The audience is intended to keep an energetic interaction with the presenters from start to finish to ensure it succeeds. Individuals will benefit most when actively involved in tasks like note-taking, contributing to roleplays, and pondering prior experiences (Becerra et al., 2020). This is because active participation improves one’s ability to retain the new ideas shared and apply them in clinical practice to boost protection and decrease medication errors. Getting everyone to contribute allows ideas from the training to solidify deeply, making it more probable that lessons get executed concretely to impact patient care positively.



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