NURS FPX 4010 Assessment 4_Stakeholders Buy-ins

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Stakeholders Buy-ins

A number of variables are necessary for the delivery of safe and high-quality medical treatment. The primary requirement is for ongoing improvement with an emphasis on resolving any identified or current organizational problems. Improvement is typically attained through the creation and execution of successful multidisciplinary, evidence-based programs. Medication mistakes are a recognized concern in the community hospital. Aldila and Walpola (2021) state that different reasons might contribute to pharmaceutical errors; some are produced by individual components, while others are brought on by organizational or process-related issues. Because each organizational stakeholder has a distinct role to play, it is crucial to have their support when implementing a solution. This necessitates appropriate strategies that will result in appropriate levels of buy-in for the multidisciplinary plan. In order to manage pharmaceutical errors and promote buy-in for change, this presentation suggests an efficient evidence-based strategy.



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