Interprofessional Communication and Leadership in Healthcare – D235

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Interprofessional Communication and Leadership in Healthcare

Part One: Working Style Reflection

By analyzing my own 5 Dynamics report, I obtained profitable insights into my working style. This report assessed the level of intensity for each of the four energies—Explore, Excite, Examine, and Execute—within the success/satisfaction cycle. Based on my self-evaluation, my energy levels were categorized as reserved during execution, Effortless amid excitement, Deliberate during examination, and Abundant during exploration. Reflecting on these discoveries, my methodology has both merits and disadvantages. Two remarkable traits are my immense enthusiasm for projects, which inspires motivation within the team, and my abundant energy for investigation, which supports creativity and innovative thinking. The teammate’s strengths, including efficiency and adaptability, compensate for the learner’s style, enabling the collaboration to be well-balanced and effective. However, hindrances exist within the deliberate endeavor required for analysis, as I may become too prudent and impede the speed of my decision-making process. A concern that emerges is the potential delay in implementing ideas owing to the cautious approach to executing them.

Comprehending the specific approach to learning that I like most is crucial. For this reason, it would be my preferred approach to learning. Anything applicable in practice would develop my interest in learning. I am a kinesthetic learner and get the most from hands-on experiences, visual aids, feedback, and reflection. These energy dynamics, as put forth in the 5 Dynamics report, come to life in my everyday work as an inner hunger for new thoughts, a gift for inspiring people spontaneously, a methodical approach to evaluation, and a tendency towards a final decision after analyzation of all aspects (Achilov, 2018). In order to achieve the set goals and functionality and be very competitive in the academic and professional fields, I am looking for a partner willing to put in sufficient effort to complete group tasks together. By practicing such a carefully systematized form of work, my abilities would go forward in many ways, including a comprehensive evaluation of ideas, encouraging appreciation, thorough substantialness to prove accuracy, and three strategies to complete it. Being balanced and homogeneous, they can bring out each other’s fortes and become a team content to face any challenge (Asana, 2022). Therefore, undergoing the 5 Dynamics assessment clarified how my work style influences my group work approach, educational path choice, the opportunities I possess, and the areas I have to improve. Attaining this knowledge is important for creating productive cooperation and success in numerous academics or in line with a person’s employment. From 5 Dynamics Report, Possession of “Excite,” energy triggers my passion for fresh thoughts and undertakings, tempering it with a deliberate approach to ensure the best solutions.

Part Two: Communication Reflection

In fact, in one of the recent talks with my coworker, I often used the Accuracy listening mode. I ensured that I got specifics and identified whether I understood the update when they gave us the project updates. For example, I sought for point-by-point descriptions, looked for concrete data points, and shone a light on unclear areas, exhibiting precision hearing. This event allowed me to assess what I consider one of the key elements of my listening style — the need for clarity and full understanding. On reflection, I quickly noticed that the major feature of my listening is precision. Perhaps such gives a thorough understanding, but one risks being perceived by others as suspicious or overly critical (Viehmann, 2023). This information is critical because it is vital to establish harmony between them to achieve


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